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Sunday, February 05, 2006

boo-yah like the sixth grade

i can't believe that i just wrote some html code to come up with a nifty little sidebar like else has on their knitting blog. sometimes i feel so silly because i don't want to ask anyone for help. i hate feeling like i know less about something that is (now, i know) as simple as making a little sidebar. thanks to blogger's incredibly empowering help section, i know have a self-created links part on my sidebar for who i'm reading that YES! opens in it's own window. i also have a little WIP spot that i'm still working on because i can't get the spacing between the lines right. as i'm writing this, i think i've figured it out. i even figured out how to CHANGE THE COLOR OF TEXT using CSS. this is amazing. i think the help section was written by a woman -- it's very easy to understand, esp. for someone who didn't even know that html was the way you get things to look like that. (or this, as the case may be)

on a knitting note:
until friday, i am out of money, and therefore out of yarn to finish mom's sketchy menopause vest. i'm using some horrible lion brand chunky stuff i kiped from AC Moore when i worked there -- but since i made the pattern up, i didn't work out the right amount of yarn, and so, i have to BUY more lion brand yarn to finish because i'd rather let my fingers fall off than frog some knitting. it's only about a $3 investment (with that mothereffing coupon) but it's not in the budget. i can't seem to squeeze it in like the 3 balls of Nature Spun i bought. so it's on hold. for now -- and burning a hole in my knitting basket.

i'm on to knit a flower with some koolaid yarn i dyed. so excited to finished the little pouch-lette i'm making to hold all of my notions.

on a bad note:
i had to give the camera back. the one i took from the job when i quit it because i WASN'T getting paid. i took it as sort-of a golden parachute. but, my friend who works there now needed it back so i had to give it back. just because i felt bad. and she knew i had it. so pics are on hold until i figure out an alternate situation, which shouldn't be too hard considering my ability to do almost anything with absolutely zero cash.

on an up note:
manage to get the g/f's birthday off of work, so we hang out and go drinking. lack of cash means i think i might have to show my boobs for beers after the "it's her birthday" line wears off. we'll see. i'm totally joking - -kindof.

EDIT: the links aren't working. i have no idea why. help?


Blogger mamaloo said...

Hi Mandy! I thought I'd come check out your blog.

And, just in case you want to link to my blog, the html is momcast you can put some fancy extra stuff in there, but that's the basic code to link to me, if you want to, that is :)

I'll check back as soon as I can (I just started a new job today and won't have much blog reading time til Thurs.).

9:31 PM  
Blogger Melissa said...

I love your blog name! I was going to start one with the same title, do you still use yours? Great minds think alike. Email me!


7:13 PM  

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