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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

introductions are a drag

so, this is it, i finally go myself a blog. livejournal was really getting me down -- too much crap -- and i wanted a place where i could post pictures of the stuff i'm working on (art, knitting, sewing, my puzzle!) and maybe some other stuff too. i'm going through a tricky time right with my raging underemployment killing my soul slowly but surely, so i need to do some sort of life-chronicling so i know i'm making progress, at least. plus, everyone else has a blog.

introductions all around:

that's my g/f on the top. she doesn't knit. she did teach a bunch of deliquients to crochet, tought. that's me, on the bottom, taking my own picture. that's my "good side".

in progress: dr. seuss sock. must finish pair before i start new project.

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